Social Media Intelligence

Social Listening in a brand new format

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Analyze all comments and reactions about your company,
  • discover hidden insights,
  • improve your marketing strategy,
  • get more leads,
  • increase the satisfaction level of your customers.

Monitor all social activity in
one place

Obtain data in real-time and instantly respond to anything related to your business on social media. Easily analyze what customers say about your
brand, optimize campaigns on all channels, and improve your marketing strategy.

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Detect the Tone of Voice

Collect indicators about the moods of your customers using an innovative approach to text analysis. Turn unstructured text from social
media, customer reviews, and other text datasets into useful information.

Personalize your marketing

Find out exactly what your target audience is and introduce personalized marketing to communicate with them smoothly. Adjust the content and ads to your followers, build a relationship with them, and identify meaningful patterns and trends in social media data. 

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Social Media Intelligence is a solution that will completely change the perception of your brand.

Meet with Kamil to discuss all possibilities that Social Media Intelligence can give you.

Kamil Karbowiak, MD at Data Courage

Kamil has great skills and recognition in Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Reporting. He has many years of experience in creating and implementing AI-powered Data Science solutions for customers all over the world. Kamil will be happy to share with you his know-how and show you the way to use your data effectively and extract from it as many insights as possible.

Kamil Karbowiak

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